Designed in Japan

Zerofit was created in 2005 by Mr. Koji Higashi, owner and founder of Eon Sports of Kobe, Japan. A fitness fanatic, a single figure golfer, and the owner of a premium Japanese golf brand, Mr. Higashi was constantly feeling cold while playing golf, or doing active sports such as running.

He first developed his base layer products under the banner of ‘Smart warriors’, however, the brand exploded in Japan in 2010 with the launch of the Heatrub range, offering ultimate warmth while allowing the wearer freedom of movement to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities.

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Science Friction

Zerofit is a range of base layers and lifestyle clothing straight out of science fiction.

Using your body movement, it keeps you warm and improves your performance. Our proprietary fabric is a combination of materials to provide insulation and ‘friction heating’. It creates a warm shell around your body.

Every movement causes friction, which creates heat when you wear it. We call this science friction and it’s the nearest thing to wearing a space suit. It’s a protective skin for your body.


No other base layer is made this way!